Duncan Hodgson

  • Duncan Hodgson

JOB: Fitness Coordinator, Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

QUALIFICATION: Diploma in Sport and Fitness Education

"I’ve always been passionate about sports, exercise and human performance. I love the work I do now – I get to experience a lot of cool things and work with a great bunch of people! I like seeing the kids’ faces light up in amazement as the Westpac Chopper flies in low over their school and lands in the middle of the school field. It’s also rewarding to be involved in the Chopper Challenge and Corporate Chopper Challenge boot camps. The clients who do our boot camps get a lot out of it, with many returning for a second round because they enjoyed it so much. I’ve also been used as a dummy patient in rescue training drills, which is pretty cool. I’ll hopefully work for the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust for a long time and be able to develop more opportunities within the role. I’d also like to study more and learn more about exercise physiology, science and human performance in athletes.

I liked the friendly atmosphere, and there was lots of practical application of the things we learned in the classroom. My qualification is so relevant for what I do now. I’ve learnt about safety, programming, technique and health issues in my diploma. I wouldn’t be in the job I am in without the background knowledge I learned at Unitec."