Both Mt Albert and Waitākere campuses closed until 7 February due to floods.

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Dance Showcase 2020

  • Dance Showcase 2020

Unitec dance students perform in their end of year showcase. Eight works by guest choreographers; Claire O’Neil, Rose Philpott, Sarah Foster Sproull, Chrissy Kokiri, Charlene Tedrow, Teiaro Taikato, Ariana Williams, Yiling Chen + more. 

Capping off a challenging year, Unitec Dance is excited to end on a triumphant note with a programme of live work that celebrates the incredible teaching, learning and industry building which our vibrant program is recognised for.

From its inception in 1989 under Ali East, to its current format, Unitec Dance and our Alumni have been the nucleus of the dance community in NZ.

We would like to acknowledge the space that Ali helped create 31 years ago, including the beautiful studios that we still occupy. We acknowledge the many kaiako, tauira, and kaikanikani who have enriched the dance programme over many years and left such a wonderful legacy of education through movement, time, and space.

We are especially pleased to announce that the SHOWCASE 2020 programme features eight exciting female guest choreographers who are leaders in the dance community.

We welcome Teiaro Taikato and Ariana Williams to the team at Unitec dance. Teiaro and Ariana are teaching Haka Toi Aotearoa, and working with the students to open SHOWCASE 2020.

Three of the best;  Alumnae Claire O’Neil and Rose Philpott, and Sarah Foster-Sproull will bring their unique visions to life by creating brand new works for our year group cohorts. We don’t want to spoil the surprise by describing what they are working on, but we’ve heard some of their ideas and you won’t want to miss it!

One of our most visible Alumnae, Chrissy Kokiri of The New Zealand Dance Company, will debut a new work with a select group of students. We are so proud of Chrissy and very happy to see her back where it all began.

Charlene Tedrow, Artistic Director of Ura Tabu Pacific Dance Company, will create a contemporary Siva Samoa on ten dancers. Charlene has taught Pacific technique Labs throughout the year and we are so honoured to have such an extraordinary artist sharing her practice with us.

Yiling Chen will work remotely with students from our shared programme with Beijing Dance Academy to develop a dance film which will celebrate Unitec Dance’s unique collaborative relationship with BDA..

Finally, rumour has it that there might be a little something extra from two of our students… but if you want to find out what we have up our sleeve, you had better come see the show.

Book now to enjoy another powerful evening of dance from Unitec Dance.

Event Details


12-15 November 2020


7:30pm-9:00pm (12-14 Nov);  5:00pm-6:30pm(15 Nov)


Raye Freedman Arts Centre, corner Gillies Ave & Silver Rd, Epsom

Tickets go on sale mid-October.

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