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Claire-Lise Jones

  • Claire-Lise Jones

JOB: Part-time ESOL Teacher, West Auckland Community Education

QUALIFICATION: Certificate in Language Teaching

"I teach English and French to adult learners and I love my job! I really enjoy the classroom interaction with students and I feel that I am making a difference to their lives. I also enjoy building relationships with them and creating a relaxed environment in class to make learning easier and more fun. The programme at Unitec prepared me well. There was lots of teaching practice right from the start and the regular feedback really supported our learning and helped us improve. The tutors were always eager to help and I met some lovely people who have become good friends.

I'm really proud of the great feedback i've had from my students about the way I teach grammar. I am French, and having learnt english myself, I understand the difficulties students can encounter and I am now probably better equipped to explain it. I hope to teach more French in the future, and when my children are older, maybe even follow my passion for travel and teach overseas."