Charlotte Silverstone

  • Charlotte Silverstone

JOB: Guitar Teacher / Musician

QUALIFICATION: Diploma in Contemporary Music

"I’ve always been really into music and it was the only thing I wanted to do when I left high school. My music teacher at the time came across this programme, and thought it might be something I’d be interested in doing. The diploma was perfect because it covered everything. I teach beginner guitar and song writing throughout the school year, and the knowledge I’ve gained from my diploma has helped so much. The thing I love the most is when a student comes up to me with something they’ve written on their own. I’m also a singer in a duo and have a lot of fun playing gigs. I’ve gained so much confidence from my diploma!

If music is what you want to do and you're not quite ready for a big university then this programme is perfect. You get heaps of one on one time with your lecturers, and there's always help if you need it. If you already have a vast music knowledge base then some of this programme may seem a bit easy for you, but it covers a wide range of areas including composition, performance and music technologies. I'd say go for it! As the diploma is relatively new, we had quite a small class. It was good because we got to know each other and all the lecturers really well."