Callum Dowie

  • Callum Dowie

JOB: Architectural Graduate, Jasmax, Auckland

QUALIFICATION: Master of Architecture (Professional) and Bachelor of Architectural Studies

"I enjoy learning from the experienced people around me, helping come up with solutions to design problems and using a range of skills to communicate design ideas that will improve the built environment we all live in. I want to continue learning from the more experienced people around me and eventually become a registered architect.

I enjoyed travelling to new places in order to learn about architecture with an awesome group of friends. I loved having the opportunity to experience first hand some truly remarkable buildings and cities with my enthusiastic classmates.

The projects which ‘closed the loop’, that is where we got to see a design from an initial concept through to a completed building, have been an incomparable educational experience. And the camaraderie of our diverse group made all the experiences so much more enjoyable. I’m also proud of being nominated in the New Zealand Institute of Architects Student Design Awards for my graduation project, Folding Whare, a portable disaster relief shelter."