Both Mt Albert and Waitākere campuses closed until 7 February due to floods.

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Are your fees due?

are your fees dueNow you've enrolled and you've got your invoice, you'll need to sort out how you'll pay your fees. 

Now that semester has started, all unpaid fees are overdue. We understand arranging payment sometimes can be tricky, so here are a few ways you can get things sorted quickly so it doesn't impact on your study or worse still, leaves you with a debt collector on your case.

Apply for a Loan & Allowance

Both Student loans and allowances are provided by Studylink to eligible students and can help pay for your course and living costs while you study. Applications for your loan and allowance are done online through their website. 

Before you start your loan application, you’ll need:

  • The name of the Programme you're studying as well as the course start and end dates 
  • Studylink/WINZ client number - if you've got one
  • Your contact details – phone, mobile, fax
  • Student ID number we assigned you
  • IRD number including knowing what tax code you should be on.
  • Copy of your Bank statement/ or access to online banking
  • Identification – certified copy of passport or birth certificate.

Apply now!

Thought you were fees free? 

If you believe you're eligible for fees free study, but your account balance in your student portal still shows that you have a debt to pay, we strongly encourage you to apply for a student loan. The loan balance will be paid back if Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) confirms you are eligible, and if you discover that you're not eligible, your studies won't be affected (plus you'll also be able to apply for a student allowance at the same time if you haven't already!)

Pay yourself

You can pay your fees in person, please visit a cashier located in Te Puna (B180), Mt Albert campus, or Building 510, Waitākere campus. Payment may be made by EFTPOS or credit card - sorry we can not accept cheques or cash.  You can also head to MyPortal, and from Student Self Service, use the Finances section to make an online payment

Pay Online

Student loan declined? Need to set up a payment plan?

For some students, we are able to offer the ability to pay your fees off over time.  You can apply for this online by completing the application form below - applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Apply for a Payment Plan

Questions or problems?

If you're lost or having trouble talk to us early - we are here to help you and can work closely with you to work through any issues you may have.   You can either see our Student Support Advisors, or email for more help.