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Anneliese Sabrowski

  • Anneliese Sabrowski

JOB: Network Engineer, Auckland Motorway Alliance

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil) and New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Civil)

"I’ve always had an interest in architecture and took physics, science, and calculus at college. The careers department suggested civil engineering as I wanted a career with lots of job opportunities and variety. Civil engineering appeared to tick all the boxes. I wasn’t completely sure if it was what I wanted to do, so I enrolled in the diploma first to see if I liked it. I really enjoyed the programme, so I moved on to the Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil). I love the variety of my work – it’s a fantastic mix of office and site work. Since graduating from Unitec I’ve completed a graduate rotation programme, which involved spending a year working at a contracting firm, the council and as a consultant. It was great experience and I’m now in a job that I love.

This programme was an awesome combination of practical and academic skills. Doing the diploma first gave me a really good grounding to build on and eased me into the subject. Getting work experience early on is a huge bonus and for me really confirmed that this was the career for me."