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Anne Thiermann

  • Anne Thiermann

JOB: Architectural Graduate, Catalyst Consulting, Auckland

QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Master of Architecture (Professional)

“I love being surrounded by people who are passionate and good at what they do. At Catalyst there are project managers, interior designers, technicians and architects, which allows me to broaden my knowledge of other fields, creating a wider understanding of the whole design and build process. This also exposes me to real situations, which is another important part of the work I am doing now.

Other achievements include being selected to present one of my projects to the Onehunga Business Association as well as partaking in the construction of a waka shelter in Turangi. My Unitec qualification is absolutely critical to my career.

There are lots of great people around you at Unitec. I loved the enthusiasm and support of my tutors, who went above and beyond what was required. It’s not just about architecture, the product, but also about the social, environmental and economical considerations that are associated with it. The number of hours that most of us spent in studio by far exceeded the hours outlined in the course requirements. Most of this time goes towards hard work but a fair amount is also spent talking, joking and having a lot of fun. The size of the course group makes it easy to make such a close group of friends.

This programme is intense but also probably one of the most creative and enjoyable. Learn from your lecturers and peers. Go to every student critique, presentation and seminar. Use every opportunity to present your ideas and work. It’s never too early to start exploring this field outside of Unitec, as this may help you find your focus or even just find out what it is you are actually learning for. Most importantly (and most predictably): choose a subject you love. That way it can only benefit you."