Abdi Rahim Hussein Hilowle

  • Abdi
Job: Current Student in English Language Studies
Qualification: New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 5)

“When I moved to New Zealand, I knew that in order for me to achieve my goals of furthering my studies and getting a good job, I needed to first improve my English language skills. As English is my second language, I enrolled in the New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 3).

Unitec is a good place to study.  I really like the teachers, as they are very talented, kind and helpful. Not only is the classroom environment supportive, but there is also a wide range of support services to help English students such as the Language learning centre in the library.  This includes a wide range of text books, computers and listening devices and also extra tutor assistance for students. This semester I will also get learning support from the Te Puna Ako learning centre.

The support I receive before assessments and tests is amazing and I’m always provided with so much course material which leaves me feeling confident to achieve good results. We are given sample papers, assessment examples and lots of opportunities to ask questions.  With all the support I received in the level 3 programme, I have been able to improve my grammar, note-taking skills, and vocabulary.

One of my proudest achievements has been progressing from the New Zealand Certificate in English Language level 3 to level 5, without failing. This has given me a lot of confidence, and one day I look forward to completing the Bachelor of Social Practice (Social Work).”