Generating Map Elements in ArcMap

In this exercise, previously prepared layers including political boundaries, roads, georeferenced imagery and standard map elements are formatted for effective map layouts. The overlaying of different pieces of information provides a visualization of spatial relationships between the layers and is one of the most important advantages of GIS.

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A: Presenting Satellite Imagery on a Map
    1. Open the ArcMap project previously saved in Exercises 1 and 2
    2. Zoom to the extent of the island with geo-referenced image
    3. Turn on the layers FijiGaz, FJI_roads, Islands1.tif and FJI_adm0
    4. Right-click on the FijiGaz layer
    5. Select Properties, Click on Labels
    6. Tick the Label features in layer box
    7. Set the Label field to NAME; Set Text size to 12
    8. Click OK
    9. Label the features of FJI_roads similarly using its F_CODE_DES field
    10. Select the Layout View from the View Menu

B: Adding Map Elements in ArcMap
    1. Zoom to the extent of the island so as to fill the page
    2. Add the North Arrow: Click on Insert Menu->North Arrow; choose a style you want and place on the map
    3. Add the Scale Bar: Click on Insert Menu->Scale Bar; choose a style you want and place on the map
    4. Properties of the Scale Bar can be changed by right clicking on the scale bar and selecting Properties
    5. Change the Units to Kilometers and place the Label below the Bar

C. Adding a Legend
    1. Click on Insert Menu->Legend
    2. Choose the Map Layers FijiGaz and FJI_roads to add to the legend; Click Next
    3. Leave the Legend Title blank by deleting the default “Legend” in the box; Click Next
    4. Select a Background of White in the Legend Frame box; Click Next
    5. Click Next when asked to Change Symbol style
    6. Click Finish and the Legend will be shown
    7. Locate the Legend Box in a convenient, easily read area with size proportional to the overall map

D. Map Layout of Vector Data (Roads and Borders)
    1. In Data View zoom to the largest island (Viti Levu)
    2. Right-mouse click on FJI_adm2 layer, select Properties and Click Symbology
    3. Select Categories->Unique Values
    4. Select NAME_2 in the Value Field
    5. Untick Symbol for <all other values>
    6. Click on the NAME_2 Label, change to Territory
    7. Click on button Add All Values
    8. Click OK
    9. Go to Layout View, Insert the North Arrow, Scale and Legend showing the Roads and Administrative Units
    10. In the Legend Properties Box, Click on the Items Tab click Roads and the FJI_adm2 to show them in the Legend
    11. Adjust the Legend to properly show on the Layout
    12. Export the Image as 300dpi TIFF

Click here for PDF version