Video Journey

How our students created and developed their idea to promote Unitec. Watch their journey unfold below.

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Coming up with the idea

Episode one: The Briefing

Watch our students take the live brief from the agency, and see just how big their challenge is. #learninginaction #thinkdo

Episode two: The Brainstorm

Watch the team begin the ideation process and are shown inspiration in the form of other ideas around the world, even from Donald Trump! #learninginaction #thinkdo

Episode three: The Review

Watch the students review their ideas with the agency and receive some very critical feedback. #learninginaction #thinkdo

Episode four: The Challenge

Watch the team trying to find inspiration from the world around them in preparation for a meeting with the agency Creative Director. #learninginaction #thinkdo

Episode five: The Boss

We see the students reviewing their work with the agency Creative Director, he is very hard to impress! #learninginaction #thinkdo

Episode six: The Idea

This is crunch time! The agency put the heat on the students to finalise and refine the concept. #learninginaction #thinkdo

Episode seven: Unitec Leadership Team

Watch the students nervously waiting for their moment to pitch to the Unitec board... this is ‘Dragons' Den’ time! #learninginaction #thinkdo

Creating the drink, brand and caravan

Episode Eight: The Creation of the Drink

Watch Jess and the team work with food technologist, David Bayliss, to develop a drink with unique Unitec characteristics.

Episode Nine: Creating The Brand

Watch Abhi take on the challenge of developing the brand for the drink with the help from one of Republik’s designers, Brad Baird.

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