AIR 2011

October: Sara Ingeborg Hyltén-Cavallius and Anna-Karin Arvidsson

Sara and Anna-Karin are both Senior Lecturers from Linnaeus University and have been to Unitec in 2009 for Cumulus Aotearoa, a Conference focussing on story telling and sustainability within Aotearoa and Pacific traditions.

The Linnaeus website has this to say about research;

Through its design research, the School of Design contributes to the innovative powers and artistic awareness of individuals, businesses and society as a whole. This research is organized into four principal areas: methods & processes, aesthetics, light and glass.

September: Ian Gouldstone & David Surman of Pachinko Pictures

Recently moving from Britain to Australia, artists Ian Gouldstone & David Surman work together under the collective name Pachinko Pictures. They create animated films, video and photographic works that have been exhibited internationally in galleries and festivals.

Prolific and interdisciplanry creators, Patchinko made the BAFTA nominated film ‘Yours Truly’ in 2007 described as follows “Film icons burst through lost layers of yesterday’s emulsion, in this gripping animated take on Film Noir”.

From To whom it may concern – proposal for Unitec residency, 2011

Introduced to Unitec by Senior Lecturer Miriam Harris, they are experienced teachers and have expressed a keen interest in working and collaborating with staff and students having proposed not one but three exciting projects for their time here.

August: Veronika Kotradyova

A Cumulus member, Lecturer at Slovakia University and PhD in Interior 3D Design specialising in environmental impacts in design.

Table clock meteor, 2006

“As part of humanization of micro-environment , there is a great potential for wood and other organic materials with their positive influence to the micro-climate of interior spaces, including the psycho-aesthetical.

The aim of my residency is to investigate this potential primarily in a material form.

The main goals are: through practical investigation, explore textures in different cross-sections, rounding, curves and
angles in processing machines and other electronic technology (adapted and edited byMW). Veronika has completed residencies at Berkeley University in the USA (Fullbright Scholarship) and TU Dresden University in Germany.

She has written extensively for magazines and journals on sustainable design and has exhibited internationally.

July: Stephanie Maxwell

A second time Unitec resident, Stephanie Maxwell is an experimental filmmaker whose work is achieved through an animation process that directly alters the film surface with paint and other media, the highly energetic and rapid motion of abstract forms in her films evokes a state of constant motion and is intimately laminated with sound.

All that remains, Artnano 2006

Stephanie Maxwell is a professor in the School of Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. Her teaching includes courses in film, video and animation production (including experimental processes) and the history of animation.

She has curated and presented film programs internationally and taught abroad on several occasions. Ms. Maxwell has been producing her unusual animated works for over 15 years. Her award-winning work has been shown at  international film, multimedia, and television programs and festivals.

Stephanie is a prolific collaborator with strongly held commitment to interdisciplinary practice. She gave an artists talk to the students and staff of the DVA during her stay and also met with staff in the DVA and Performing and Screen Arts about a forthcoming student exchange.

March, April, May: Tzeng YiHsin

Sponsored by Asia New Zealand, Tzeng YiHsin is the other artist in residence from Taiwan.

Again working in a variety of media, with a focus on photography, Tzeng collects large amounts of international, commercial images from her daily visual environment. The action of altering and appropriating not only establishes her regurgitated aesthetics but also proclaims a regained control of the image. Her work currently investigates the shape and colour of human desire through the approach of combining found images or objects with playful mark making.

Tzeng YiHsin studied in Atlanta, Georgia and has exhibited extensively in the US and Taiwan.

Beauty always promises, but never gives. – by Simon Weil

Cheng-Ta Yu and Tzeng YiHsin were incredibly generous with their time and expertise giving over 15 artists talks in
the Department of Design and Visual Arts  (DVA) during their residency, including participating the the 2011 DVA Practice in Context Symposium.

They both made new works for Unitec’s Snowhite Gallery, collaborating with students across the campus including the Whai Ake programme at Puukenga. Students from this course came to the opening with their tutors and sung beautiful waiata, with mihi and karakia serving as tribute to Yi Hsin and the colloration. Karl Yang from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Auckland attended and spoke at the ceremony.

Cheng-ta produced an additional work in at the Dowse Museum facilitated by curator Emma Bugden. Both artists are invited to return and will be missed at Unitec.

March, April, May: Cheng-Ta Yu

Sponsored by the Taipei Artist Village Cheng-Ta is one of the two artists in residence who comes from Taiwan every year. A conceptualist working in a variety of media, his work deals mainly with the metamorphosis and mobility of the human body and the question of identity as raised in our contemporary, image-saturated and media heavy environment.

He uses his body as the medium through which to create his works and to explore the power relations that develop within media frameworks.

Ventriloquist; Introduction, The 53rd Venice Biennale Taiwan Pavilion, 2008

In the series of nine videos partially illustrated above, Cheng-ta Yu performs as a ventriloquist, hiding behind foreigners in Taipei and having them repeat his words in Mandarin. The foreigner’s ill-pronounced words are open to absurd interpretations which are shown as subtitles.

Cheng-Tu has exhibited widely and has participated in the 2009 International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York, U.S.A as well as the OPEN SPACE Summer Art Camp Kunsthochschule Kassel, Germany in 2007.


2011 Programme

Download a PDF of the 2011 programme – 2011 AIR Schedule (PDF)