Automotive Engineering

There are four million registered vehicles in New Zealand. And as our population grows, so will the number of vehicles on the road. Vehicles move people and goods, and are key to making the economy work and essential for the wellbeing of New Zealanders. They’re becoming increasingly sophisticated too, with anti-lock braking systems, fuzzy logic, automatic transmissions, engine parameters, safety systems, climate control and in-car entertainment. The automotive industry is diverse and interesting. And with plenty of potential for growth.

We’re experts in automotive engineering. After all, we’ve been teaching it for 30 years. Today, Unitec graduates work across the industry. As mechanics, auto electricians, automotive engineers, vehicle compliance certifiers, high-performance technicians, traffic accident analysts, and logistics and technical managers. Many of them have opened their own business. Join us and one day you might too.

Industry knows us well. That’s why our students can become members of the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (IAME). And once you’ve graduated, you can apply to become an Associate Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia.

There’ll be lots of time in our automotive workshops and laboratories. You’ll pull apart engines, find faults and see how it all works. There may also be work experience in a local automotive company. It’s a great chance to see how an automotive diagnostics and repair centre works. And who knows, it may even lead to a job offer or an apprenticeship.


Automotive Engineering programmes 

To prepare yourself for an apprenticeship:

To qualify with a degree in automotive engineering:

If you have a job but need to get qualified:

Professional development short courses:

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