Printmaking (DACA6235)

15 (0.125 EFTS)
To provide a course of practical study that will enable students to critically and selectively apply print technologies and practices.To encourage an attitude of inquiry and experimentation in order to facilitate imaginative and innovative responses to printmaking within the context of contemporary practice.
Pre-requisites / Co-requisites: 
Students must be admitted to the Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts programme or Bachelor of Creative Enterprise programme to enrol in this course.
Topics include: 

May include but are not limited to
Drawing and its function within the printmaking context
Appropriateness of particular processes for the expression of various ideas and imagery
Integration and Synthesis of imagery and medium
Studio workshop practice, preparation of tools and materials
Exploiting the group dynamic
working within the 'community' environment of the print room
Working on the press
Issues of printmaking in relation to the notion of the reproduction, the original, the multiple
Historical and contemporary practices, issues and trends in printmaking
Principles and practice of printing
woodcut, reductive woodcut, screen printing, monoprint, linocut and intaglio
Using the tools of relief printing
nature of relief printing
surface of the block and the plate
Safe and responsible use of workshop facilities and equipment
Learning and teaching approaches
This elective is a skills-based course of practical study involving the development of fundamental manual, technical, procedural, technological and, other capabilities necessary for competent practice within the area being addressed
Instruction will be by demonstration followed by the students' practical explorations with accompanying tutorial advice
Students are instructed in the correct and proper use of resources and technologies and will be expected to undertake research and conduct self-directed learning to further develop their capabilities
Commitment required
Students are expected to attend 100% of all classes
Choose your class for this course from the option(s) below. You will need to attend all the sessions in that class to complete the course. Where more than one class number is shown, choose one of them and attend all sessions within that class number. (Note: If a class is held in different locations at the same time, you only need to attend all the sessions in one of the locations.)
There are no classes on public holidays.

Class: 2520. This timetable is currently unavailable.

Class: 6306. This timetable is currently unavailable.

Class: 7539

You need to attend all sessions of this class as listed below.

From – ToSessionDayTimeCampus (Room)
26 Jul 17 - 27 Sep 17 LectureWednesday09:30 - 12:30 Mt Albert (001-B038)
18 Oct 17 - 22 Nov 17 LectureWednesday09:30 - 12:30 Mt Albert (001-B038)

Class: 7939. This timetable is currently unavailable.

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