Free English classes

If you would like to improve your reading, writing or spoken English skills, these free classes are ideal for you.

These free classes are taught by Certificate in Language Teaching students in small group settings and start at Elementary level (please note there are no classes for beginners).

If you would like to attend, please come to Building 170, Mt Albert campus before class where you will be assessed and placed into a suitable class.

What is Elementary level English?

Elementary level describes a speaker of English who can understand and use basic conversational and transactional English and may or may not have studied English grammar.

They may have very good written and grammatical English but lack confidence and fluency in spoken English, or they may be relatively fluent at speaking English but have little grammatical awareness or written English ability.

Upcoming placement tests

Free English classes start on the first Saturday of every semester. Our next placement test take place on Wednesday 28th February from 1p.m. – 2p.m.

If you missed the above date, our placement tests take place every week before classes starts at 9.15am on Saturdays or 5.15pm on Thursdays. Please come to reception at Building 170, Mt Albert Campus and ask for a course tutor.

Upcoming Classes (Click to expand)

March 3LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM
March 10LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM
March 17LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM
March 24LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM
March 31LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM
April 7LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM
April 14LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM
April 21LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM
April 26LectureThursday5.30-7.30 PM
April 28LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM
May 3LectureThursday5.30-7.30 PM
May 5LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM
May 10LectureThursday5.30-7.30 PM
May 12LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM
May 17LectureThursday5.30-7.30 PM
May 19LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM
May 24LectureThursday5.30-7.30 PM
May 26LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM
May 31LectureThursday5.30-7.30 PM
June 7LectureThursday5.30-7.30 PM
June 9LectureSaturday9.30-11.30 AM


Building 170, Mt Albert campus, Carrington Road, Mt Albert.

More information

If you would like to find out more, please contact Student Central on 0800 10 95 10 or email