Aziz Ahmad

Location: Building 182, Room 3001



Aziz is enrolled into PhD at Auckland University of Technology since April 2013 where he is working on design and development of model predictive control for photovoltaic solar energy systems. He studied Electrical and Electronics as an undergraduate, and Communication Engineering at the University of Manchester. On completing his studies, he was employed as electronics design engineer at Randox Laboratories Ltd (Northern Ireland) where he worked on designing detection systems for medical devices. He worked at ENER.G CPL (Combined Heat & Power Ltd) as hardware engineer where he worked on updating control systems for CPL power generation plants. He also worked at the National ICT R&D Fund (Ministry of Information Technology) as manager project evaluation where he was responsible for technically evaluating research and development proposals for funding. After moving to New Zealand in 2010 he worked at Audio Engineering Ltd as hardware design engineer and currently working as a Lecturer at Unitec Institute of Technology. 

Teaching Areas:

Power Electronics
Solar Energy systems
Advance controllers for Photovoltaic applications
Printed circuit board design

Research Areas:

Advance controllers for Solar Energy (Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic/Thermal Energy Systems)
Renewable Energy
Sustainable Built Environments

Current Research Projects:

Intelligent Control of Solar Energy systems
Solar irradiance forecast using artificial neural network models
Power consumption forecast of residential households for small scale PV systems


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