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Programme overview

Become competent in accounting principles, financial accounting, business finance and taxation. Students apply their knowledge and skills to develop an analytical approach to practical assignments and real world cases. This programme equips you with the technical ability to support an accountant or accounting team in any organisation. 


  • Recognised by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) as the necessary tertiary study requirement for membership of the CA ANZ College of Accounting Technicians (AT).
  • Practical assignments.
  • Industry-experienced lecturers.
  • Provides an excellent pathway towards the Bachelor of Business programme.

Progression pathway

To qualify as an accounting technician, check the requirements here.

New Zealand Diploma in Business courses can be cross-credited to the Bachelor of Business (up to 180 credits) . The Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) major offers a pathway to qualify as a chartered accountant.

Notes on courses

Please note you only need to select six of the seven compulsory courses.

For the academic requirements for entry into the Chartered Accountants Program see the CAANZ Recognised Qualifications and the CPA Australia Accredited Courses list.

Admission requirements

For this programme, you will need the following:

1. Have completed University Entrance which requires NCEA Level 3 including:

  • 14 credits at NCEA Level 3 in three different approved subjects 
  • 10 credits at NCEA Level 2 or higher in English or Maori (5 in reading, 5 in writing) 
  • 10 credits at NCEA Level 1 or higher in Mathematics or Pangarau 


2. A total of 50 credits at NCEA Level 2 or higher including:

  • At least 12 credits in three different subjects.
  • Your 50 credits must also include 8 credits in English or Teo Reo Māori (4 in reading, 4 in writing)

3. 14 credits at NCEA Level 1 or higher in Mathematics or Pungarau
4. If English is your second language, you will need one or more of the following:

  • Have achieved NCEA Level 3 and New Zealand University entrance
  • Have achieved at least one English proficiency outcome in the last two years

Don’t have NCEA? We also accept:

  • A qualification equivalent to 50 credits at NCEA Level 2.

For more information download the programme regulations:

Programme Regulations

Courses and timetables

All courses and timetables for 2018 will be available shortly.

Accounting Principles (ALAFNZ500) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will understand financial statements and reports and be able to analyse and interpret financial performance for sole traders and small companies
Introduction to Commercial Law (ALAFNZ510) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will demonstrate knowledge and skills in law relevant to business
The Economic Environment (ALAFNZ520) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will apply elements of economic theory with emphasis on the contemporary New Zealand environment.
Organisation and Management (APMGNZ530) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will understand the factors that influence management and the organisation and apply a range of factors.
Fundamentals of Marketing (APMGNZ541) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will have a working knowledge of fundamental marketing concepts relevant to contemporary organisations.
Business Communication (COMMNZ560) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will apply communication knowledge and skills in the evolving context of New Zealand and global business.
Business Computing (ISCGNZ550) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will discuss, evaluate and apply information technology to meet business requirements.
Accounting Practices (ALAFNZ501) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will record and process financial transactions and prepare financial statements and cash budgets for entities.
Financial Accounting (ALAFNZ601) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will apply Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP) to prepare and present general purpose financial reports for a company and evaluate a listed company for the purpose of shareholder investment.
Management Accounting (ALAFNZ602) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will collect, interpret, present and use relevant management accounting information for an organisation to effectively plan, control and make appropriate decisions regarding business operations.
Business Finance (ALAFNZ603) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will apply financial management knowledge and skills to a small or medium size business for decision-making purposes.
Taxation (ALAFNZ606) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will apply knowledge of taxation rules to New Zealand taxable entities in a range of situations.
Leadership (APMGNZ630) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will understand concepts and apply principles of leadership. Students will create a personal plan to develop leadership capabilities.
Operations Management (APMGNZ632) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will understand functions of operations management and apply techniques to ensure efficient and effective production of goods and services.
Human Resource Management (APMGNZ633) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will understand the roles, functions and application of Human Resource Management within contemporary New Zealand organisations.
Employment Relations (APMGNZ635) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will apply current New Zealand employment relations legislation, processes and practices, and understand the implications for employment relationships.
Applied Management (APMGNZ636) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will identify a managerial problem, and research and apply management concepts and tools to find and recommend possible solutions to the problem.
Applied Computing (ISCGNZ650) 20 credits (0.167 EFTS)Students will use software applications in developing computer based solutions for business problems.





The 'Key Information for Students' below does not reflect any international student information.

Please take this information as a guideline only. For example, you will often see a difference between these tuition fees and our estimate above. This is because there are a number of variables, such as the specific courses chosen within a programme.

The national graduate outcomes information is for all tertiary New Zealand providers including Unitec. This information is provided by the New Zealand Government and is derived from a national database that links educational and income information.

The statistical results below are a summary for:

Key Information for Students

Entry requirements

Minimum requirements: University Entrance or 50 credits at NCEA Level 2 or higher including 12 credits from three different subjects, plus Maths and English language requirements. Equivalent qualifications also accepted.

Detailed requirements: See the above "Admission requirements" section for more information about entry to this progrogramme.


2 Years

Tuition Fees


Total Qualification

Student fees:  $5,449$10,898
Government tuition subsidy: $6,235$12,470

Compulsory Student Services Fee
Student loan information available at StudyLink.

National graduate outcomes

(3 years after completion)
Median earnings$39,003
Earnings range$28,689 - $46,694
In employment59%
In further study28%
On a benefit7%

Note:All KIS information is the most recent available relating to domestic students only. Click here for more information about the Key Information for Students.