The Unitec Experience

Real-world experience for real-world careers

Whether you're a school leaver preparing for your first job, a professional looking to advance your career or an adult wanting to return to the workforce, a tertiary qualification from Unitec is a huge asset. It tells employers you have more than an academic education - you also have the experience you will need to succeed in the real-world.

Learning through work, in work and for work

The best way to learn is through experience. By focusing your study on the workplace, you can make the connections between theory and practice, and gain a better understanding of the real-world situation than you could through classroom-based study alone.

And because the real-world is changing minute by minute, our programmes aim to be forward thinking, innovative, inspiring, even surprising. That's why over 23,000 students from more than 80 countries choose to study at Unitec.

A culture that celebrates diversity

The Unitec experience is one of inclusiveness, innovation and enterprise. Life on our three campuses is enormously enriched by the diversity of ethnicity, culture, personality and aspiration amongst students and staff. It's also a great environment for learning.

Our Mt Albert campus is one of the greenest places in Auckland (both physically and philosophically) - yet it is just 10 minutes from the central business district of New Zealand's biggest city. Not too far away, the Waitakere campus is in Henderson, at the heart of a strong, supportive West Auckland community. We have recently extended this campus to include a new state-of-the art learning centre and library, and many of its facilities can also be used by Waitakere City residents. In Albany, our Northern campus gives residents access to world-class vocational education, locally.

Last edited: 06 January 2012