Extra Electives

If you're enrolled in an undergraduate degree at Unitec, you can also complete an elective course from another degree programme as part of your qualification.

Enrolling in extra elective courses gives you the opportunity to explore interests that may complement and enhance your studies, and add breadth and flexibility to your qualification. It could also make you more attractive to potential employers.

If you're thinking about enrolling in an extra elective course, please check with the relevant department first, as specific entry requirements may apply for that course. We also suggest you talk to your lecturer to find out how many credits you can accumulate towards your qualification by completing one or two extra electives.

Please note: extra elective courses are only available to Unitec students who are currently enrolled in undergraduate degree programmes. Entry requirements may apply. Please check with the relevant department.

Mātauranga Māori Electives
Subject area Course code Course name
Maori Studies MAOR3060 Te Reo me ona Tikanga - Tahi
Maori Studies MAOR3999 Toi Maori - Tahi
Maori Studies MAOR5010 Te Reo - Rua
Maori Studies MAOR5060 Te Reo me ona Tikanga - Tahi
Maori Studies MAOR5030 Toi Maori - Tahi
Maori Studies MAOR5050 Understanding Te Ao Maori

Level 4 Electives
Subject area Course code Course name
Communication COMM4435 Digital World
Performing and Screen Arts PASA4501 Behind the Scenes

Level 5 Electives
Subject area Course code Course name
Accountancy ACTY5200 Accounting for Business
Accountancy ACTY5401 Business Statistics
Accountancy ACTY5270 Economic Principles
Accountancy ACTY5230 Information Systems and Applications
Accountancy ACTY5700 Introduction to Professional Practice (Part 2)
Applied Technology APPT5110 Communication, Problem-Solving and Health & Safety
Applied Technology APPT5111 Self-Employment and Managing Projects
Architecture ARCH5011 Architecture & Context
Architecture ARCH5311 Critical Studies 1
Business BSNS5373 Advertising and Promotion
Business BSNS5400 Business Fundamentals
Business BSNS5391 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Business BSNS5600 Introduction to Professional Practice (Part 1)
Business BSNS5390 Managing In Organisations
Business BSNS5340 Marketing Fundamentals
Communication COMM5543 Academic Skills for Communication Studies
Communication COMM5537 Communication Theory and Concepts
Communication COMM5534 Digital Media and Communication Tools
Communication COMM5531 Introduction to Communication and Media Studies
Communication COMM5539 Introduction to Narrative
Communication COMM5532 Persuasion & Speech Communication
Communication COMM5542 Professional Writing
Community Studies CSTU5880 Concepts of Psychology
Community Studies CSTU5950 Foundations of Collaborative Practice
Community Studies CSTU5970 Intro to Sociology and Community Development
Community Studies CSTU5930 Professional Practice
Community Studies CSTU5910 Ripene Tahi
Community Studies CSTU5960 Talanoa Pasifika
Community Studies CSTU5911 Whanaugatanga, Gender and Social Practice
Community Studies CSTU5512 Working with Refugee and Migrant Background Communities and Families
Computing and Information Technology ISCG5400 Hardware Fundamentals
Computing and Information Technology ISCG5423 Introduction to Databases
Computing and Information Technology ISCG5422 Multimedia and Website Development
Computing and Information Technology ISCG5403 Networking Fundamentals
Computing and Information Technology ISCG5401 Operating System Fundamentals
Construction CONS5812 Economic Principles
Construction CONS5818 Property and Construction Law
Construction CONS5505 Team Management
Construction CONS5504 Technical Fundamentals
Construction CONS5101 Technology 1
Construction CONS5102 Technology 2
Construction CONS5103 Technology 3
Design and Visual Arts DEVS5142 Ceramics and Casting
Design and Visual Arts DEVS5241 Introduction to Motion Graphics and Animation
Design and Visual Arts DEVS5141 Jewellery
Design and Visual Arts DEVS5541 Photographic Practices 1
Design and Visual Arts DEVS5242 Two-Dimensional Digital Image Technology
Electrotechnology ETEC5410 Analogue Electronics
Electrotechnology ETEC5413 Computer Hardware
Electrotechnology ETEC5416 Single Phase Installations
English and Applied Linguistics EAPL5151 Academic Listening and Reading
English and Applied Linguistics EAPL5153 Reading in Academic Contexts
English and Applied Linguistics EAPL5152 Speaking in Academic Contexts
English and Applied Linguistics EAPL5154 Writing in Academic Contexts
Health and Social Development HSDV5152 Healthy Societies and Communities
Health and Social Development HSDV5150 In Practice 1
Health and Social Development HSDV5151 Intro to Health Promotion
Health and Social Development HSDV5149 Intro to Youth Development
Health and Social Development HSDV5146 Social Psychology
Health and Social Development HSDV5145 Working with Communities
Health Science HEAL5371 Anatomy 1
Health Science HEAL5374 Bioscience 2
Health Science HEAL5023 Human Bioscience
Health Science HEAL5378 Medical Humanities 2
Landscape LAND5000 Study Tour
Landscape LAND5113 Visual Communication 1
Languages LANG5246 Espanol 2
Languages LANG5219 Introduction to Oral Japanese
Languages LANG5245 Introduction to Spanish
Languages LANG5210 Oral Chinese 2
Languages LANG5220 Oral Japanese 2
Natural Science NSCI5103 Diversity of Life: Animals
Natural Science NSCI5101 Diversity of Life: Plants and Fungi
Natural Science NSCI5730 Earth Processes
Natural Science NSCI5702 Principles of Animal Behaviour and Training
Natural Science NSCI5104 Principles of Biology
Natural Science NSCI5731 Principles of Ecology
Natural Science NSCI5735 Science and Society
Natural Science NSCI5740 Techniques in Field Biology
Performing and Screen Arts PASA5413 Composition with Technology
Performing and Screen Arts PASA5961 History of Cinema
Performing and Screen Arts PASA5921 History of Dance
Performing and Screen Arts PASA5911 History of Theatre
Performing and Screen Arts PASA5901 Storytelling, Myth & Ritual
Sport SPOR5940 Concepts of Sport and Exercise Science
Sport SPOR5929 Human Anatomy for Movement
Sport SPOR5931 Human Development for Sport
Sport SPOR5922 Introduction to Coaching Sport
Sport SPOR5920 Introduction to Managing Sport
Sport SPOR5932 Introduction to Marketing Sport
Sport SPOR5941 Introduction to Physical Education
Sport SPOR5938 Introduction to Sport and Exercise Nutrition
Sport SPOR5928 Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology
Sport SPOR5939 Introduction to Sport Management and Marketing
Sport SPOR5921 Sport, Culture and New Zealand
Transport Technology TTEC5313 Automotive Electrical and Electronics
Transport Technology TTEC5314 Auxiliary Systems
Transport Technology TTEC5310 Materials
Transport Technology TTEC5311 Power Transmission
Transport Technology TTEC5312 Suspension and Controls

Level 6 Electives
Subject area Course code Course name
Architecture ARCH6311 Critical Studies 2
Communication COMM6534 Communication Ethics
Communication COMM6531 Intercultural Communication
Communication COMM6532 Interpersonal Communication
Communication COMM6501 Introduction to Communication Research
Communication COMM6500 Introduction to Event Management
Communication COMM6540 Mass Communication
Communication COMM6537 News Writing for the Media
Communication COMM6535 Public Relations
Communication COMM6533 Technology & Media Communication
Community Studies CSTU6970 Child Protection Studies
Community Studies CSTU6910 Creative Social Practice
Community Studies CSTU6960 Family Violence Studies
Community Studies CSTU6914 Fieldwork Placement
Community Studies CSTU6930 Social Policy, Treaty Relations and Law
Community Studies CSTU6912 Social Practice in Action
Computing and Information Technology ISCG6441 Visual Game Design
Construction CONS6008 Building Services
Construction CONS6906 Development and Finance
Construction CONS6201 Measurement and Estimation 1
Construction CONS6202 Measurement and Estimation 2
Construction CONS6401 Planning and Organisation 1
Construction CONS6402 Planning and Organisation 2
Construction CONS6907 Property Valuation
Design and Visual Arts DEVS6342 Art, Craft and Design in Aotearoa and the Pacific
Design and Visual Arts DEVS6541 Photographic Practices 2
Design and Visual Arts DEVS6444 Sustainable Practice
Education EDUC6101 Effective Learning and Teaching Strategies
English and Applied Linguistics EAPL6319 Business Writing for International Contexts
English and Applied Linguistics EAPL6315 Culture and New Zealand Society 1
Health Science HEAL6020 Research for Health Professionals
Landscape LAND6401 Landscape Ecology
Landscape LAND6402 Plants, People and Landscapes
Languages LANG6201 Japanese Communication in a Social Context: Living the Language (Japanese)
Natural Science NSCI6737 Animal Breeding and Nutrition
Natural Science NSCI6732 Animal Health and Welfare
Natural Science NSCI6739 Behavioural Ecology
Natural Science NSCI6738 Captive Wild Animal Management
Natural Science NSCI6731 Companion Animal Behaviour
Natural Science NSCI6735 Concepts in Biodiversity
Natural Science NSCI6745 Ecological Evaluation and Management
Natural Science NSCI6746 Ecological Risk and its Mitigation
Natural Science NSCI6743 Geographic Information Systems
Natural Science NSCI6744 Practicum
Natural Science NSCI6730 Research Methods
Performing and Screen Arts PASA6231 Acting for Non-Actors
Performing and Screen Arts PASA6901 Audience, Context & Interpretation
Performing and Screen Arts PASA6755 Costume Props & Breakdown Workshop
Performing and Screen Arts PASA6811 Emerging Media Innovation Lab [EMIL]
Performing and Screen Arts PASA6243 Hybrid Art Practice
Performing and Screen Arts PASA6404 Music in the Age of Sampling
Performing and Screen Arts PASA6605 Negotiated Creative Project 1
Performing and Screen Arts PASA6251 Writing and Directing for the Theatre
Sport SPOR6923 Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition
Sport SPOR6928 Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology
Sport SPOR6920 Coaching Pedagogy
Sport SPOR6929 Exercise Physiology
Sport SPOR6925 Exercise Prescription 1
Sport SPOR6940 Kaupapa Maori Principles through Sport
Sport SPOR6922 Outdoor Education
Sport SPOR6916 Sociology of Sport
Sport SPOR6933 Sport and the Law
Sport SPOR6937 Sport Biomechanics
Sport SPOR6931 Sport Organisation
Sport SPOR6930 Sports Injuries

Level 7 Electives
Subject area Course code Course name
Business BSNS7351 Project Management
Communication COMM7544 Communication Production Project
Communication COMM7500 Event Production
Communication COMM7543 Global Media Issues
Communication COMM7533 Industry Internship
Communication COMM7532 International Communication
Communication COMM7537 Media & Government Communication
Communication COMM7534 Media Law
Communication COMM7535 Organisational Communication Management
Communication COMM7536 Reputation Management
Community Studies CSTU7962 Community Development Practicum
Community Studies CSTU7352 Introduction to Counselling Practice
Community Studies CSTU7981 Social Work Practicum
Construction CONS7821 Industry Project Part 1
Construction CONS7822 Industry Project Part 2
Construction CONS7418 Integrated Design and Construction Management
Construction CONS7820 Professional Business Management
Education EDUC7104 Developing Successful Performance
Education EDUC7101 Embedded Assessment
Education EDUC7107 Negotiated Project
Education EDUC7108 Negotiated Ventures
Education EDUC7103 Research Beginnings
Education EDUC7102 Social Learning Technologies
English and Applied Linguistics EAPL7412 Advanced Spoken English
English and Applied Linguistics EAPL7411 Advanced Written English
English and Applied Linguistics EAPL7417 Culture and New Zealand Society 2
English and Applied Linguistics EAPL7418 Employment in a Globalised World
Landscape LAND7013 Drawing
Landscape LAND7115 Landscape Theory
Landscape LAND7001 Negotiated Study (Study Tour)
Landscape LAND7002 Negotiated Study (Study Tour)
Natural Science NSCI7103 Anthrozoology
Natural Science NSCI7102 Conservation Medicine
Natural Science NSCI7101 Global Issues in Animal Welfare
Natural Science NSCI7734 Issues in Bioresource Ecology
Natural Science NSCI7730 Negotiated Study
Natural Science NSCI7733 Wildlife Management and Conservation Biology
Performing and Screen Arts PASA7911 Critical Theatre Perspectives
Performing and Screen Arts PASA7811 Entertainment Lab for the Very Small Screen [ELVSS]
Performing and Screen Arts PASA7393 Experimental Filmmaking
Performing and Screen Arts PASA7605 Negotiated Creative Project 2
Performing and Screen Arts PASA7231 Playmaking
Performing and Screen Arts PASA7251 Theatre Writing Techniques
Sport SPOR7921 Exercise Prescription 2
Sport SPOR7931 Strategic Sport Management
Sport SPOR7916 Strategic Sport Marketing