Unijet Student Exchange

The world is your campus

As a Unitec student you can complete part of your degree overseas. Unijet Student Exchange gives you the opportunity to study in Europe, Canada, America, South America, Asia, or Australia. It’s your ticket to amazing places and unforgettable experiences.

Wherever you go, you’ll only pay your regular Unitec tuition fees, and you’ll still get your StudyLink allowance. It won’t increase the length of your studies and you can even cross-credit eligible courses to your programme here in NZ.

There are a few criteria you need to meet before you can apply.

See the world while you study

Unitec has partner institutions all over the world and where you go is up to you. Learn a new language, immerse yourself in an ancient city, or snowboard all semester long. Check out the countries and cities on offer and get excited by the possibilities!

The inside scoop on studying abroad

Alexis Prebble, a Graphic Design and Animation major, spent a Semester in Colorado. Desmond Lam, a Bachelor of Architecture student, spent a Semester in Germany. Listen to their experiences of Unijet and the highlights of their trips.


Top 10 reasons to study overseas

  1. Experience life in another country
  2. Study at an internationally recognised partner institution
  3. Spend one or two semesters abroad
  4. Make new friends
  5. Enhance your CV
  6. Cross-credit eligible courses to your degree
  7. Continue receiving your StudyLink allowance
  8. Apply for a scholarship to help pay for your trip
  9. No extension to the length of your programme
  10. Open to domestic AND international students

Contact us

Contact the Unijet Exchange Office for more information and an application form. Call +64 9 815 4321 ext 8015 or email studentexchange@unitec.ac.nz

Last edited: 19 March 2013