Understanding tuition fees

Tuition fees indicate the approximate amount you will pay for each year of study, or for each semester of study (if the programmes lasts less than a year). The indicative fee shown is the cost for domestic (New Zealand) students. Fees for international students are different and can be found on the International Programmes & Fees page.

Textbooks for your programme and any course-specific costs are additional to your tuition fees.

How are tuition fees calculated?

Unitec’s study programmes are made up of individual courses, and tuition fees are calculated based on the courses you take. The advertised fee is an estimate based on a typical programme, so the amount you actually pay may be different depending on which courses you choose.

Find out more about the different types of qualification, how long they usually take, and how many courses make up a programme on the Tertiary Qualification Explained page.

Additional costs

Indicative tuition fees don’t include Student Services fees, NQF unit fees, or administration fees. These are added when you enrol as they vary depending on the courses you choose. The Student Services fee is charged at NZ$ 2.54 per credit. The average Student Services course fee is $38, although this varies depending on the number of credits in a course. For a programme of study made up of 120 credits, the Student Services fee would be approximately NZ$305.

NQF (National Qualification Framework) unit fees apply to programmes that lead to NZQA qualifications. These are usually national certificates, for example the National Certificate in Motor Industry or National Certificate in Electrical Engineering. These types of programmes have a certain number of NQF Unit Standards – or NQF credits – that you need to get the qualification. Unit standard credits are NZ$ 1.58 each including GST and the total NQF fee you pay depends on the number of NQF credits that make up the qualification. You can check this at the time of applying as NQF credits vary from course to course and depend on what you enrol in. The number of NQF credits a course is worth isn’t always the same as the number of Unitec credits a course is worth.

Administration fees

Any additional administrative services you need to enrol, for example academic transcripts, cross crediting or replacement certificates, are added to your tuition fees. Check the list of Administration Fees to see the types of services you might need to pay for and how much they cost.

Current programme fees

You can see the indicative programme fees for domestic (New Zealand) students on the programme pages:

If you’re an international student, please check International Programmes & Fees.

Last edited: 25 October 2013