Admission Categories

All Unitec programmes have entry requirements you have to meet if you want to enrol. These entry requirements vary considerably depending on the programme you're interested in, with certificates and diplomas generally having lower entry requirements than degrees and postgraduate qualifications.

There are several ways you can meet the entry requirements for a Unitec programme - general, special and, in some cases, discretionary admission. In addition to this, you will also have to demonstrate your English language skills.

General admission

If you've completed NCEA, New Zealand School Certificate, New Zealand University Bursary examinations or other secondary school qualifications, you may be able to apply under the general admission criteria.

This section usually covers academic results and qualifications or any work experience you already have. These entry requirements differ from programme to programme so please check the admission requirements on the programme's web page.

Special admission

If you're are at least 20 years of age and can provide evidence that you have the skills or experience to enrol in the programme you're interested in, you may be considered for special admission.

There is no minimum age requirement for special admission to postgraduate programmes, but you do need to demonstrate that you have the knowledge or experience to enrol in the programme of your choice.

Discretionary admission

Do you want to enrol in a certificate, diploma or undergraduate programme, but don't meet the general admission criteria and are under the age of 20? If you can demonstrate that you'll be capable of study at the required level, you may be considered for discretionary admission.

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