Ask Unitec

When you're thinking about starting tertiary study, you're bound to have lots of questions.

If you have a specific enquiry or would like to request a brochure or enrolment pack, you can do this through our Ask Unitec portal.

Click here and you will be taken to our login page or the registration page (if you're a first time user). Don't worry this will only take a minute - all we need is your name and email address. Once you have logged in select the button for your request and complete the form - we'll do the rest!

Once you're registered you will be able to use your login details to come back to the Ask Unitec portal at any time, create a new enquiry or see how your existing enquiries are progressing.

Remember you can always contact Student Central on 0800 10 95 10 (+64 9 815 2945) for help.

Last edited: 21 January 2011