A Career in Music

From reggae to soul, orchestral to electronic, music makes us tick. Study contemporary music at Unitec and you’ll learn to compose, perform, edit and produce your own work.

Want to be a composer, songwriter, DJ, music teacher or radio producer? How about a career as a sound artist or vocalist? We can help you become an adaptable and complete musician, and set you up for an exciting career.

There’s lots of time to experiment. Work on band or ensemble pieces with your fellow music students, and perform your original works at live concerts. Try out the latest technology, explore different musical styles, and make music using computers and acoustic instruments.

And if you want to know what the music industry is really like, just ask your lecturers – experienced music practitioners happy to share their experience with you.

Student Performances

Every year in June music students host a free music event at Zeal Cafe in Henderson. View photos from the performances in June 2011.

What do our students think?

See what Hannah Bright, a recent graduate of the Diploma in Contemporary Music, had to say to about the programme to Rip It Up magazine.


Music programmes

If you want an entry-level music programme:

If you’re after more intense, advanced music study:


Last edited: 19 March 2013