Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts (Interior Design)

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7, 360 3.0
Full-time for three years
Starts February (July intake subject to interest)
40 places
Mt Albert campus
Semester dates for 2014:
Semester 1: 24 February - 27 June; Semester 2: 21 July - 21 November

NZ$5878 (Approximate fee only, find out more about the costs of study)

International fees

Programme summary

Want to shape and influence the spaces around you? Learn to design spaces for cultural and/or commercial consumption, such as museum displays, set designs, retail and restaurant spaces, and community-based design projects. Work on a series of challenging interior design studio projects.

Interior design is an exciting and challenging discipline focused on the production of carefully crafted interior spaces. Designed to serve as repositories for people and objects, interiors can influence dynamic social relations and profoundly influence the way we live and work. With a Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts (Interior Design) under your belt, you'll be qualified to gain an entry-level position working as an interior designer, performance designer or exhibition designer. Complete a range of interior design projects, explore architectural representation techniques and discover new and emergent technologies that will enable you to work within a design practice.


  • Highly respected by leading interior design practitioners and large interior design offices in New Zealand.
  • Strong focus on studio projects: design spaces for cultural and/or commercial consumption, including exhibition designs, performance designs, residential designs, installation designs, and larger-scale projects.
  • Explore contemporary work produced by top interior designers and practitioners.
  • Interior design staff and guest lecturers who have demonstrated excellent performance in their field of specialisation, winning national and international awards for their creative outputs and publishing in highly respected journals on interior design and architecture. They share their research practices with you, exposing you to critical and contemporary discussions relevant to interior design.

In your first year, you're introduced to a range of dynamic studio projects designed to challenge you and extend your conceptual thinking skills and technical knowledge. In the second year, you'll be involved in larger-scale design projects. In your final year, you'll complete a semester-long, self-directed project, giving you the chance to explore your own research interests in interior design practice.


Portfolio requirements

You must upload a digital portfolio of work with your online application.

If you can’t upload your portfolio please email a PDF file to and we will attach it to your application.

Alternatively, bring your PDF file to your nearest Student Central and we will scan and attach it to your application.

What to include

Your portfolio must include 10 - 15 images of your work, each labelled with the size, media and date the work was made. It must be an A4 size PDF document and not exceed 60MB in total.

Your images could include (but are not limited) to:

  • Your bursary board or similar year 12 or 13 work.
  • Other drawings, photographs or three-dimensional models.
  • Drawing with an emphasis on observational skills and/or personal expression.
  • Photography with an emphasis on visual skills and technique.
  • Art/design project work.
  • Sketches or notebook pages illustrating visual art/ design concepts.
  • Art/design related work from another discipline, for example jewellery or craft.
  • Images that demonstrates a visual narrative or sequence.
  • Group work you’ve been involved in (including a description of your involvement and contribution to the finished result).

Need some help?

Follow our portfolio hints and tips on what to include, what not to include and how to lay it all out.

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  • Rose Watkins

    "I've always been interested in art and design, and after a year working ...