Graduate Profiles

Architectural Technician, CADViz Limited, Auckland

photo of Tracey Wong Too

WHO: Tracey Wong Too

JOB: Architectural Technician, CADViz Limited, Auckland

QUALIFICATION:  National Diploma in Architectural Technology

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: “I like the varied work, as each job is unique. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to learn a new CAD programme on the job. It adds to my skill set and keeps things interesting. I love the office atmosphere we have at CADViz, as the people are very supportive of questions.”

BEST THINGS ABOUT UNITEC: “It was encouraging that I was considered a person rather than just a student number. I also thoroughly enjoyed the paper ‘History of Design’. I was fond of learning about architects like Mies van der Rohe and their past works. I liked how his interpretation of architectural design has had an impact on today’s infatuation with clean lines, free-flowing open spaces and raw industrial steel and glass."

"Learning about these artists and how their ideas have impacted the built environment really interested me. My Unitec qualification is very significant for my current role – it has laid the foundation to further my learning and knowledge in my current job.”