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Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve studied before, all Unitec’s Mandarin Chinese language courses are taught by fluent tutors.

Our Mandarin Chinese classes also take place in the evening, making them easier to fit around work or study. Classes run from 6 – 8pm, one evening a week for 15 weeks (30 hours of class time in total). You’ll also need to allow at least one hour a week for self-directed study.

How to apply

View upcoming classes below to find a start date that suits you. (If no classes are displayed we have not scheduled any upcoming classes at this time).

If you're paying by credit card you can apply online, otherwise you'll need to download a Short Course Application form.

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How to choose the right level

Beginners should enrol in Level 1A. Each subsequent semester you may then select the next level, i.e. 1A - 1B - 2A - 2B - 3A - 3B - Conversation.

Levels 1A and 1B
Learn spoken and written language for everyday use. You'll also be introduced to aspects of culture and etiquette. Level 1A has no prerequisite; for Level 1B you need to have 30 hours of previous language study.

Levels 2A and 2B
Level 2A courses are for people with at least 60 hours of previous study. You'll continue to develop your ability to communicate in the target language and increase your knowledge of culture and etiquette. Level 2B offers the continuation of these courses and requires 90 hours of previous study.

Levels 3A and 3B

Level 3A courses are for people with at least 120 hours of previous study. They will help you develop fluency and accuracy in the target language. You will revise and increase your knowledge of grammar as well as gaining greater confidence in using the language. Level 3B offers the continuation of these courses and requires 150 hours of previous study.

Please note: domestic fees apply to New Zealand and Australian citizens or permanent residents, and citizens of Niue, the Cook Islands, and Tokelau. Please apply using the appropriate domestic or international class number.