Advance Winter 2013

Advance Winter 2013 is now out.

In this issue we talk to Transport Technology Lecturer Steve Liggett who has created a push button motor starter to help rehabilitate amputees back into driving a vehicle. The research was completed with assistance from the Artificial Limb Service which was keen for a product that might help give amputees a measure of independence in their everyday lives. Creating an easier way to start a car was a simple, but very effective, way to address that need.

Addressing a need was the reason that Natural Sciences Senior Lecturer Mark Farnworth focused his research on cat welfare – he’s the only researcher in New Zealand with that particular area of expertise. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of cat ownership in the world, yet we have a growing section of society that says cats are threatening our natural environment, and we should get rid of them. Read what Farnworth has to say about cats in New Zealand, and how we should deal with the growing number of people who don’t like them.

We also talked to Social Practice Lecturer Catherine Hughes about her research into the cultural context of people who are dying, Design and Visual Arts Associate Professor Marcus Williams about the Rosebank Art Walk, and Natural Sciences Lecturer Glenn Aguilar about his collaboration with the University of the South Pacific on conservation planning.

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