Advance Spring 2013

Advance Spring 2013 is out now.

Taking care of our natural environment is important to this issue’s cover star, Landscape Architecture Senior Lecturer Penny Cliffin. She’s the driving force behind the new Unitec Arboretum, a living collection of the trees and shrubs on Unitec’s 55 hectare campus in Mt Albert. Why count the trees? It’s not only a significant part of the education of students, but also provides data for scientific research, including Landscape Architecture projects involving Auckland’s urban forest and the regional planning of green infrastructure and environmental resources.

Infrastructure and resources in New Zealand have also been the focus for Civil Engineering Associate Professor Jonathan Leaver for the last few years. He has created a complex system dynamics model to look at our energy economy, and assess what kind of alternative technologies might be on our roads in 2050. The model has around 5,500 lines of computer code and around 1,200 variables, each with an algorithm or formula assigned to them. His predictions for what we will be driving in 2050 can be found in the latest issue.

In addition, Senior Lecturer Alex Williams talks to some of the men in early childhood education, Associate Professor Lesley Ferkins discusses coming back to the Sport Department at Unitec, and Associate Professor Paul Pang helps NIWA to analyse some of their big data around air pollution in Auckland.