Advance Autumn 2014

Advance Autumn 2014 is out now!

How do internationals audiences see New Zealand through our films? That’s the question our cover star, Senior Lecturer Scott Wilson from the Department of Performing and Screen Arts, is asking in his latest research. After living in the US for six months on a Fulbright Scholarship, Wilson realised that the perception of New Zealand wasn’t quite what he thought it would be. In fact, he says he has come close to saying we don’t have a national cinema in New Zealand – it’s a settler cinema that we’ve inherited from our settler ancestors.

Using a unique interview technique, Senior Lecturer Sara Donaghey filmed lesbian women of different ages as they talked about growing up and living in New Zealand. She found that despite the huge differences in their ages, many of the participants had had similar experiences throughout their lives.

Other stories include Civil Engineering Senior Lecturer Gregory De Costa’s work on sea level rise and the effects on our drinking water around New Zealand, and Associate Professor Dianne Roy’s work with the Waitemata District Health Board (WDHB) and the families of stroke survivors. Our newest full Professor, Computing Head of Department Hossein Sarrafzadeh, talks about his promotion and his future plans for the computing department and the Cyber Security Research Centre, now considered the hub of cyber security in New Zealand.

It’s also twenty five years since the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi group was established, and Senior Lecturer Mel Galbraith talks about being there from the beginning, while Associate Professor Jonathan Leaver and his students talk about working on a hydrogen fuelled quad bike.