Working at Unitec

At Unitec we’re passionate about the power of education to change lives. We are problem solvers, connectors and pioneers who work together to create an inspirational learning environment.

If you're a bright spark who likes finding new ways of doing things, we can help you grow. We'll surround you with motivated and knowledgeable people, and challenge you with new and innovative projects. Join us and you'll never stop learning.

We have opportunities across a wide range of academic, administrative, management, professional, and allied roles. View current job vacancies.

What our staff say

Annette Pitovao, Student Central Manager

“I was looking for a tertiary organisation where people mattered. …Unitec suited my values and ethics, and that’s around putting people first. Unitec has enabled me to better understand and enable others in terms of personal growth.”

Featured Staff Member

Kamuka Pati
2013 recipient of a Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award from
The National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence.

Kamuka's creative thinking and student-centered teaching style have resulted in "revolutionising" trade education at Unitec.

As part of his study in Social Learning Technologies, he developed the "Smart Shed," an innovative working environment where Web 2.0 tools and other technology resources are made available to students working within the construction site. The 'Smart Shed' has become the benchmark for other training providers within New Zealand as well as internationally.

Featured Expert

Penny Cliffin
Senior Lecturer, Landscape Architecture
BHortSc Massey, MAppSc Massey, GDHE Unitec

Penny was a practicing landscape designer for eight years before she joined Unitec. Her passion for teaching and learning has led to research into E-learning modes and the use of online plant research tools.
She completed a Master's thesis on Tree Collections of Auckland in 2002, which led to her involvement in consultation and advisory roles with councils and tree interest and professional groups

Her current research project is the Unitec Arboretum, which aims to promote the trees on the Unitec campus and interpret their history, character and urban vegetation values for staff, students and the wider community through the Unitec website.

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