Academic Quality Management System

Unitec Institute of Technology is a teaching-led, research-informed institution, passionate about the transformative power of education. Our aspiration is to be a world-class, world-scale institute of technology that is an agent of economic, social and environmental change.

The new world demands a new breed of talent with new ways of thinking. We are guided by a philosophy of reframing learning to create highly productive talent. This means work-ready graduates who have been awarded a qualification by successfully completing a Unitec programme of study that involves work-integrated learning and gives emphasis to inquiry, the discipline as a community of practice, the development of autonomy, and conversation.

Our Academic Quality Management System provides the architecture that enables us to construct experiences that give life to our strategy commitments.

Unitec Institute of Technology, just like Te Ngakau Mahaki (Unitec’s wharenui/marae), is a place of and for knowledge.

In the House, the west wall depicts people past and present. They mingle with those bodily present and those nearby on-line. The east wall represents the vision we aspire to. The people look to the future and are inspired by the stories of past and present shown on the north and south walls.

Unitec is thus a place for coming together to learn and create knowledge. Our academic policies enable us to create the spaces wherein we can be purposeful and coherent in our quest. Excellence lies in the processes we use and the results we achieve.

Our Academic Quality Management System of policies and evaluation mechanisms provides the architecture for the creation of processes and experiences that deliver student engagement and success, research that has impact, and value to employers and our communities.

Last edited: 26 February 2014