Research Office and Postgraduate Centre

The Research Office and Postgraduate Centre combines the management and administration of staff and student research at Unitec, under the leadership of Unitec's Dean of Research. The activities of the unit focus on four main areas:

Research management and promotion

We’re responsible for the collection and reporting of all of Unitec’s research activity and research outputs. We also manage Unitec's Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF) activities and help staff to meet PBRF requirements. The unit is also responsible for communicating and promoting research activity via publications such as Advance magazine and through special events.

External grants and funding

We help staff seek and win external funding for research projects and in consultancy activity. We also serve as a point of contact for external stakeholders wishing to engage with Unitec and the expertise of its staff. The unit is also responsible for commercialisation activity, technology transfer and the management of intellectual property. Unitec also operates an internal research fund, operated by the Unitec Research Committee, that acts as a seed fund to support staff research.

Postgraduate student research

We look after the administration and management of several aspects of student research, in particular the examination processes for student theses and dissertations. The centre provides a 'home' for postgraduate students in the form of computer labs, study spaces and meeting rooms. The centre also administers the Postgraduate Scholarships Fund.

Research Ethics

The Research Office and Postgraduate Centre is responsible for administrative support for the Unitec Research Ethics Committee (UREC), an accredited institutional ethics committee. 

Contact us

Research management and promotion
Katie Jones, Research Advisor
email click here to email Katie Jones
phone +64 9 815 4321 ext 8574


Research grants and funding
Brenda Massey, Grants and Funding Advisor
email click here to email Brenda Massey
phone +64 9 815 4321 ext 8571

Postgraduate student research
Cynthia Almeida, Postgraduate Academic Administrator
email click here to email Cynthia Almeida
phone +64 9 815 4321 ext 8515

Ethics enquiries should be directed to

Penman House, Building 55, Mt Albert campus

Last edited: 03 December 2013