Our students, our staff, our industry partners and our community are what make Unitec the vibrant, innovative and supportive learning environment it is. 

Here are some highlights: 

  • Unitec has over 21,000 students participating in 152 programmes of study. 
  • 90% of programmes now have embedded work-based learning. 
  • Unitec offers more than 100 scholarships, awards and grants to help students get the most out of their study. 

Our Students 

  • Over 10,000 EFTS (Equivalent Full-time Students), with over 66% of all EFTS being enroled in programmes at level 5 and above. 
  • The number of Māori students increased by 4% in 2012, while Pacific students make up 17% of the total government-funded students. 
  • International EFTS make up around 16% of our student body. 
  • 82% of our graduates are studying, working, or combining both. 
  • 74% of the graduates are in employment relevant to their area of study. 

Our Staff

  • We employ more than 1,100 people from communities across Auckland
  • 83% of our academic staff have a degree, with 60% having postgraduate qualifications and 15% with doctorates. 
  • Many of our teaching staff are working professionals, industry specialists and professional academics undertaking research in their areas of expertise. 
  • Are supported by an advisory committees across all disciplines, including representatives from local businesses, government departments and academics from other institutions, including universities, polytechnics and private providers. 

Our Partnerships

  • Unitec and IBM have collaborated for IBM's first Delivery Centre at Unitec's Mt Albert Campus. The centre will provide hands-on, relevant professional experience for students while they are still studying, as well as a range of otehr benefits, including the introduction of an Earn As You Learn programme. It is anticipated that the Delivery Centre will employ up to 400 people within the next two years. 
  • Unitec has established New Zealand's first ever Cyber Security Research Centre in partnership with Japan's NICT. 
  • Unitec has an MOU with Whispering Woods, Asia's largest film school, based in Film City, Mumbai, India. 

Our Community

  • In 2012, Unitec won the Sustainable Business Network Trailblazer Not for Profit Award. This was a result of several activities undertaken by staff and students as part of our Environmental Sustainability Strategy. 
  • Working with the local businesses Unitec has established Tepu, a joint venture with Rosebank Business Association. Tepu will work alongside businesses on projects that encourage innovation, build capacity and enhance competitiveness. 

NOTE: These statistics are taken from the audited annual statistics published in Unitec's 2012 Annual Report.  

Last edited: 06 May 2013