Performance Indicators

Unitec is the largest provider of vocational and applied training in New Zealand. We understand the importance of the service we offer to our students and the wider community and recognise that students need to be confident in the education that they will receive from Unitec, in order to make the commitment to study here.

The introduction of the Government's Tertiary Performance Indicators in 2010 offers stakeholders a snapshot of Unitec's performance. It provides students, the community and employers with a greater insight into how we are performing and the information they need to make the best choice.

The information below is based on domestic students funded through the TEC's Student Achievement Component (SAC) funding mechanism. 

Successful Completion of Courses

This is the foundation on which student success is built. The successful completion of courses indicator shows that students are undertaking courses that are at the right level, are able to develop during the courses and are leaving the courses with the skills they require. If the completion rate is too high or too low it can indicate that students are entering qualifications at the wrong level or courses are not challenging enough.

This measure is particularly important at Unitec given the number of part-time and in work students who study with us. These students often choose to complete qualifications over a number of years or undertake courses to develop specific skills they need in their career. 

Completion of Qualifications

The large number of part-time students we have at Unitec means that some of our students undertake qualifications over a number of years. We also have a number of students undertaking NZQA national qualifications or exit qualifications as they want to learn specific skills rather than get a certain qualification.

The way this measure is calculated means that institutions with a growing student population or who offer a high proportion of multiple year programmes, such as Unitec, may show a reduction in the percentage of students completing qualifications even though the actual number has stayed consistent or may even have increased. We are also constantly working to improve our internal reporting processes, which will improve the accuracy of this measure over time. 

Students Retained in Study at Unitec

Our strong performance against this indicator shows that a high proportion of students either complete their qualification or re-enroll the following year. This reflects both the high level of student support offered throughout the student journey, and the value which Unitec students place upon their qualifications once they embark on study.

Note that 2011 figures refer to the percentage of students who were enrolled in 2010, and either complete their qualification or return to study at Unitec in 2011.


Student Progression to Higher Level Study

This indicator looks at the progression of students studying at levels 1-4 to higher levels of education. Students may progress into a higher level programme here at Unitec, or into a programme offered by another university, institute of technology or polytechnic, wānanga, or private training establishment.

While we have many programmes at levels 1-3 which are designed to encourage student progression to higher level study, many of our level 4 programmes are designed to create work-ready graduates. This is especially true of some of our vocational and trade-based courses where students expect to leave their programmes and progress into paid employment, not further study.


Last edited: 27 August 2013