Welcome to the Unitec Alumni Network

Stay at the forefront of the latest innovative thinking, professional development, career support and networking opportunities with Unitec's Alumni Network. It's a place to connect with successful graduates, Unitec staff and the key movers and shakers in your industry. The Network fosters talent and innovation, and it's here to motivate and enable you to succeed in your personal and professional life.

Why join Unitec’s Alumni Network?

Unitec alumni are doing great things and the Network is your opportunity to connect with inspirational people and keep your finger on the pulse of new developments. See the difference your colleagues, Unitec staff, and industry leaders are making in New Zealand and around the world, and share best practice and business opportunities with them.

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What’s in it for businesses?

For industry and community partners the Alumni Network is an engaged and proactive group of professionals who can offer skills and practical support to your organisation. From internships, apprenticeships and entry-level positions, to well-connected alumni who are leaders in their field, our graduates can help move industries forward and make innovative ideas a reality.  

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Our goal

The ultimate aim of the Alumni Network is to create strong and dynamic relationships that ensure our industry partners are part of everything we do. It means ensuring our graduates bring real, unique and relevant skills to any workplace - as demonstrated by our talented community of alumni.

How to get involved

If you graduated from Unitec, please use our simple online form to update your contact details.

Connect with other Unitec alumni on our LinkedIn page. Join the conversation or get the latest jobs, news and events from Unitec.
If you’re working in industry and want to contribute to Unitec developments, please do get in touch.

Last edited: 12 March 2013