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Unitec is committed to developing Graduates that “hit the ground running”.  We know that academia is only one part of our Students learning and development journey. Career Ahead is Unitec’s Personal and Professional Development Program which ensures our Graduates are equipped with a well-balanced set of competencies that enable them to be “job ready”.

“The Voice” Unitec is a dynamic challenge which Students thoroughly enjoy.  Based on the concept of the music show, contestants have 60 seconds to turn the judges chair.  However, in this challenge they are not singing, they are delivering a power-packed elevator pitch demonstrating the value they would deliver to an organisation.  


The format will include four judges who will listen to 16 Students pitch in 60 seconds the value they can bring a perspective employer. In the style of The Voice, the Judges will have their back to the students and will only rotate their chair if they like what is being presented to them.  
The challenge will push Contestants out of their comfort zone and allow a hugely value learning experience.  


The judges will be seated in a chair positioned to the front of the stage – judges will have their back to the contestant initially (it will be a blind audition so to speak)
Each contestant will be introduced and invited to the stage where they have 60 seconds to pitch.  Judges continue to have their backs to the contestants at this stage
During the 60 seconds the Judges will be listening for something that makes the contestant stand out and would be of value to a protential employer
Once the pitch ends judges will be asked to explain what stood out (1 min)
The Judges know how much courage is required to participate and are always full of encouragement
The audience is made up of Business leaders, students and staff, all of whom are super supportive.  The Business Professionals can be valuable connections and many contestants have gained opportunity from this
The Judges will be listening for: 
Clarity in what is communicated
How genuine is the pitch?
The value that is communicated