Unitec Enterprise Challenge

  • Unitec Enterprise Challenge

Unitec Enterprise Challenge is about igniting and developing the entrepreneurial spirit and achievement among our students and staff.

2015 Unitec Enterprise Challenge

For only the second year running, this challenge is about the creation, incubation and transformation of potential ideas into commercial opportunities. We need products and services that aren’t available. We all have ideas from time to time. And sometimes, we dream of being the one to introduce that missing idea to the world. Perhaps even to make our world a better place. 

Ever wondered how you can ‘test’ the idea, explore how you can develop the idea into a well thought-out plan, and perhaps even interest business partners, employees and attract investors? Unitec Enterprise Challenge is a launch pad for your start-up idea. It will provide you with an environment to get the good idea out of your head and developed to a level where it can be pitched to a panel of experienced judges.

How it works

1. Register your submission of interest online now, including details of your start-up idea. 
2. Attend our 4 x 90-minute Idea Development workshops - check back here for dates, times, and links to register soon.
Workshop 1: Validating your Idea
Workshop 2: Business Modelling
Workshop 3: Understanding success measures
Workshop 4: Packing a powerful Pitch
3. Submit your Business Model for judging
4. Participate in Pitching challenges
5. Make the Top 5 and pitch your idea to a panel of Judges for the chance to win our prizes. 

Benefits of taking part in the challenge 

  • Test and validate many ideas as you like
  • Join an environment that challenges and nurtures your start-up idea
  • Learn how to build your start-up mafia, your team
  • Explore how your start-up can be “born global” with the smallest amounts of capital
  • Glean knowledge from role models, coaches, and investors with vast experience in start-ups
  • Gain new skills and experiences that enhance your employability
  • Receive valuable feedback on your business model canvas
  • Get a certificate of participation to add to your CV
  • Potentially turn your idea into a real product or service that people will love

This is a great way to build up your and your team's entrepreneurial and business pitching skills. Through the series of workshops, participants will get to develop their ideas and business case so they can be pitch their ideas confidently to our panel of judges.

Prizes for 2015

Besides bragging rights, there's were some seriously good prizes to help turn the best start-up ideas into a reality.

1st Prize winner - $3,000* seed capital + start-up mentoring
Runner Up - $1,000* seed capital + start-up mentoring
Highly commended - start-up mentoring
(* prizes may be subject to change)

Key dates for competitors

  • 18 March - Enterprise Challenge Briefing 
  • 31 March - Expression of Interest submissions close 
  • 15 April - Workshop 1: Validating your Idea  
  • 13 May - Workshop 2: Business Modelling
  • 3 June - Workshop 3: Understanding success measures
  • 17 June - Workshop 4: Packing a powerful Pitch
  • 10 July - Business Model Submissions close
  • July - Pitching Preliminaries
  • 7 August - Pitching Finals Event   

How to Enter

1. Submit your Expression of Interest online before Tuesday 31 March, 2015. There is no cost to enter, and you may make more than one submission.
2. Register to attend the four workshops.
3. Submit your Business Model Canvas by Friday 10 July, 2015.

Our 2015 judges

An experienced team of Judges will evaluate your Business Model submissions prior to you pitching. They will consider the commercial viability, the scalability, the potential to produce recurring revenues, promotional strategy, resourcing requirements and inimitability

The Judges will be assessing your pitch on a variety of criteria including the simplicity of your idea, self- belief and confidence in your idea, ability to convince them that you can execute on the idea, spirit and determination, passion, common sense, and impact your idea will make a difference to others.

For questions or additional information please contact Katheren Leitner - kleitner@unitec.ac.nz