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We are running the Mobile App Competition for Girls to stimulate the creativity and inventiveness of Year 11 to 13 female high school students.

For the past two years, we've been encouraging high school students in New Zealand to take an interest in computing by showcasing what can be achieved with App Inventor 2 – a easy-to-learn programming language that you can use to write apps for smart devices on the Android platform.

So once again, we're running the Mobile App Competition for Girls to stimulate the creativity and inventiveness of Year 11 to 13 female high school students. This group is targeted specifically because Computing Science, Software Engineering, and other IT and tech-related fields have a significant shortage of females. Computer science is a fun, rewarding, diverse, and social field that has countless opportunities, particularly given the current shift towards digital solutions. If computer science offers such bountiful opportunities, then why are so few girls entering careers in this field? Unfortunately Computing and IT is surrounded by a false stereotype of no creativity, lines and lines of code, and a (usually male) “geek” sitting by themselves in a dark room programming. Nothing could be further from the truth! Computing is about having fun, designing things, selling ideas, solving problems, working in teams to develop ideas — the list is endless.

Competition details

The Unitec Mobile App Competition is a competition for secondary school girls to showcase their passion, creativity and skills in a digital environment, and practice problem solving skills fundamental to computer science. If you know a domestic student in year 11-13 who might be interested in this, please bring their attention to our upcoming Mobile App competition, the details of which follows:

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a mobile application? Do you have experience in creating apps already? Do you have a great idea for an app?

On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 August 2015, Unitec’s Department of Computing is holding their next competition for secondary school girls in Years 11 – 13. The 2-day competition will involve designing, developing and programming an app for the Android platform using MIT’s App Inventor 2. Participants will be mentored by Department of Computing staff, and finally present their completed apps to a panel of judges, who will determine three winners.


Each winners receives:

  • An IBM scholarship of $8600 for living/course-related costs, plus a new laptop.
  • A Unitec study scholarship of 3 years’ tuition fees to study a Bachelor of Computing Systems.

Find out all you need to know about the competition or read about last year's winners who are now studying the Bachelor of Computing Systems.