Meeting the needs of industry

The construction and IT sectors are in growth mode and we are proud to offer pathways into those sectors.

In IT and computing we are increasingly turning our attention to cyber security.

This is a growth area and as Andy Prow from Aura Information Security says, there are no unemployed IT security experts either here in New Zealand or abroad.

“It’s a needed commodity, a needed skillset at the moment. It effects everyone now.”

Andy says he works with many students on research projects and employs graduates, and enjoys what he gets from those studying at Unitec.

“They have a more tactile and tangible knowledge. What we find is that students from day one are doing real computer work, they were in computer labs, they were building networks and they were writing code, whereas a lot of universities still have an academic, theory-based programme.

“The ones coming out of Unitec are useable and employable on a job from day one.”

 In engineering we offer technical and practical courses, which John Burdon says are vital for the construction sector.

John is the Project Director for the Waterview Connection in Auckland. He says there are many opportunities to work on great projects all over New Zealand in both the civil and construction sectors.

“There are a lot of projects to be delivered in New Zealand. It’s an exciting time.”