Our bookshop is now run by University Bookshop (UBS) and is located in the Hub, Building 180 at our Mt Albert campus.

The bookshop provides a full range of curriculum books, general literature and course materials offered to students at discounted prices. Find out more about the products available at

Book lists

Book lists are usually provided by your lecturers at the start of semester. If you are looking for a book list for your course, please check your course on Moodle or ask your lecturer.

Mt Albert Campus

Where Building 180, Mt Albert campus
Hours 8.30am - 5pm, Mon - Fri (closed weekends and public holidays)
Phone (09) 815 4390


Waitakere and Northern campuses

If you're studying at our Henderson or Albany campus, you receive free delivery to your campus. There will be a pop-up store at Henderson during the start of semester.

Last edited: 17 January 2014