Honorary Degrees

Honorary degrees can be awarded by Unitec. To date, these have tended to coincide with the award of the first degrees to graduands. Recipients are nominated by the relevant school and tend to be people who have contributed significantly to the development of the profession linked to the degree. Awardees have the title honoris causa on their certificate. They also wear red robes. It has been Unitec's tradition to have academic regalia "made to measure" and to gift this to the recipients.

Past recipients of honorary degrees from Unitec are:

  • John Robb, Master of Business (2010)
  • Lyonel Grant, Doctor of Philosophy (Education) (2009)
  • Malcolm Peri, Master of Social Practice (2008)
  • Gordon Cairney, Bachelor of Construction (2008)
  • Michael Cookson, Bachelor of Applied Technology (2007)
  • Anne McKenzie, Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) (2007)
  • Judy Lewins, Master of Education (2007)
  • Bob Kerridge, Bachelor of Applied Animal Technology (2006)
  • Fiame Naomi Mata'afa, Master of International Communication (2005)
  • Liz Holland, Master of Health Science (Medical Radiation Technology) (2005)
  • John O'Hara, Master of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2005)
  • Beryl Hughes, Bachelor of Nursing (2004)
  • Sir Hoani (John) Turei, Doctor of Philosophy in Education (2002)
  • Erin Baker, Bachelor of Sport (Management) (2001)
  • Brian Richards, Master of Design Management (2001)
  • Norman Kingsbury, Doctor of Philosophy in Education (2001)
  • Ted Smyth, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (2000)
  • Sir Miles Warren, Bachelor of Architecture (1999)
  • Don Selwyn, Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts (1999)
  • Sir Hoani (John) Turei, Bachelor of International Communication (1998)
  • Sir James Fletcher, Bachelor of Construction Management (1995)

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